Tournament Entry Checklist

All entries into the Little League International (All-star) tournament should be communicated through the Data Center on  Other channels of communication will not be considered,

Before making such an entry, a league president should verify all of the following:

  • You have at least 12 players who are eligible as verified by the league Player Agent and desire to play in the tournament.
  • Of those players, you are are confident that you will be able to field a team of 9 throughout the tournament.
  • Three adults are committed to managing and coaching the team.
  • The manager of the team understands the rules and regulations of Little League, including Regulation VI (pitchers) and Mandatory Play.
  • The manager has been properly appointed by the league President and approved by the Board of Directors, The managers and coaches reflect the values of the league.  No internal process (e.g., we always appoint the manager of the winner of the regular season) absolves the local President and Board of Directors of this responsibility.

Hosting Checklist


  1. Public Address Announcer
  2. Scorekeeper
  3. Pitch Counter
  4. Grounds Crew

District 8 appreciates volunteer umpires from the host location. All umpire assignments will be made through the district umpire in chief.


  1. Paint
  2. Chalk
  3. RS-T Baseballs
  4. Fields in compliance with the a Safety Plan approved by Little League International.
  5. Water for umpires.
  6. 8 bags of a calcined clay or vitrified clay field conditioner available at game time

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