District 8 Teen Baseball Information

2020 District 8 Teen Baseball


Tim Johnson ADA

(317) 679-1913 ( cell)

[email protected]


Key Dates:


May 10- Final Day to add/drop teams get info to Tim Johnson

May 26- First Games Senior Division

May 27- First Games junior Division

June 31- Regular Season ends


President’s Cup single elimination tournament ends the season. Starting date TBD



Key information:


  1. Team hosting game must provide two umpires.

  2. Each team must supply two new baseballs for each game.

  3. Juniors Play on Monday or Wednesday, Triple Header* on Saturday.

  4. Seniors Play on Tuesday or Thursday, Double Header on Sunday.

  5. All leagues will do a bat around with all players present in the hitting lineup. There is free substitution but each player must remain in the field for 6 consecutive outs at least once.

  6. Rainouts should be made up if possible. Individual leagues responsible for rain makeups and whether they have the pitching to do it.

  7. Multiple teams from same league must be determined by draft or other equitable distribution. No A and B teams.

  8. Weeknight games should start at 6:00 PM.

Saturday games suggested start 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM.

Sunday Double Headers suggested begin at 2:00 PM.

2 hour time limit on weeknights and weekends for Jr./Sr.

  1. Pool Players from other teams in same league are allowed. All players must meet minimum player requirements. Pool player may not pitch.


* Triple Header format was designed to replace double headers for Juniors to guard against losing two games on a no-show. Each of three teams plays two games one vs. each of the other two. Home team plays 9:00AM and 2:00 PM games. In case any team cannot show, the other two teams should play a normal double header against each other.

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