Commons Cup Rules

  1. There is no time limit on the games.
  2. 15- and 10-run rules are in effect per Little League rule 4.10 (e).
  3. Courtesy Runner with 2 outs is permitted for pitchers and catchers per the option in Little League rule 3.04.
  4. Games after the first round will be scheduled as we go so that one of the teams still in the tournament will be hosting a game.
  5. The finals will be scheduled when the participants are known.
  6. Each host site must provide the game balls and the umpires.
  7. On Saturdays: Maximum pitches in a day: 50 plus finish batter. No max on innings. Pitchers may not pitch in more than one game that day.
  8. On Tuesday and Thursday: Maximum defensive outs pitched = 6 in baseball. Pitchers are eligible to pitch every game. Maximum pitches thrown in a game = 35 plus finish batter.
  9. Continuous batting order will be used as described in Little League rule 4.04.
  10. Home Team will be determined by coin flip. Home team in 3rd base dugout and visitor in 1st base dugout.
  11. Protests of rules application shall be governed by Little League rule 4.19 with the district staff acting as the protest committee.

Commons Bracket and Information

Commons Cup History

The Commons Cup is an interleague mid-season tournament among regular season (not all-star) Major Division baseball teams.   The format is single elimination. Some games will be at area leagues. See Field Listing for directions to other leagues and more information.

The tournament of this format was formerly known as the Keraga Cup, in honor of the creator former Zionsville President Chuck Keraga. Zionsville retained the name for their use in District 3 upon their departure and District 8 launched the Commons Cup name in honor of former District Administrator Mark Commons.

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